Recycled unbleached paper

Over a week ago, i bought A4 sized 80 g/qm paper in a pack of 500. The special thing is that they are not white, because they are not bleached. This will make my origami cranes less bright and give them more depth, when captured in difficult light situations. The paper is not grey either. There is an yellow tone in white. A bright cream color to be exact. I like it a lot. And these are the specs of the recycled paper by manufacturer Xerox in the German language: "Bleichverfahren: ungebleicht, Weißegrad: 70% ± 2.5 D65/10, Opazität: 95 %, Dicke: 102 µm +/-6, Fasertyp: Recycled"
FYI, the information density is quite high in some of my blog posts. And if your English is not good, Google Translate isn't going to help, especially not with technical terms. I stopped publishing in German a while ago, because it's just a barrier on the internet. I may not come across like that, but i want to make friends: At the age of 10, i wrote on a piece of paper, dating back to April 1997, which i found during a cleanup in the living room, that i like "to take beautiful photos, have fun and friends to play with". Browsing through old stuff is like going back in time for a moment.
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