Binge watching in early 2017

Back then, in 2005, when TV series "LOST" started to be aired the first time in Germany, i liked it, but i lost interest along the way, because first, it took them a couple of years to produce all six seasons, and second, the commercial breaks are not helping. The original version in english is much better anyway. Now that on demand is possible via video streaming, it is the second time i gave LOST a full run. The first time i binge-watched i skipped boring parts, but this time i saw it basically from start to end, because i just wanted it to be done, and it was worth it.
Another TV series i binge-watched was "Stargate Atlantis". I loved "Stargate SG-1", because as a child born in October 1986, i watched actor Richard Dean Anderson in "MacGyver" on German TV a lot, and he did a good job again, as main character Jack O'Neill. But Atlantis is without the cast of SG-1, so it took me some time to like it. "Stargate Universe" is another series of the franchise, which i liked much more, because it's everything i wanted it to be, but sadly made it only to two seasons, till it got cancelled in late 2010.
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