My generation is uniquely inconspicuous

I just read a German article about my generation and i try to summarize it here: "Generation Y" has left its youth behind and is now getting into the professional life. Every generation has its own taste and interests. In 1975, people still met physically at social places. In 1995, teenagers at least talked to each other via mobile phones.
In many large cities in Germany the share of immigrants under 40 years old is over 40 percent. Just look at the German national soccer team. It is an expression of the change, which will affect the next generation. Generation Y, born between 1980-1994, is currently getting into higher positions in companies. In a phase of decreasing numbers of children my generation was born with participation, support and appreciation.
The mixture of constant praise and the awareness that nothing is given in life, lead to ambition. In an increasingly fast-paced time happiness is more important than ever. And if something does not work, it’s time for a change. The many possibilities are making it not always easy to choose the "right" path.
The childhood of the "Millennials" is generally regarded as the most peaceful time in Germany. Because of the "Baby boomer" parents, my generation developed a kind of ambition "to get ahead" in order to receive praise and appreciation, just like in the childhood. We want to be successful and "good", but not at any price.
The early integration into family decision-making processes made us attaching great importance to transparency, community, and decision-making on the same eye level. Generation Y wants to make a contribution to the society, without being too noisy. The revolution so far has been socially quiet, on the internet as "Generation Facebook", through a culture full of experiences, inconspicuous and with each other instead of "against each other".
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