Why monetization is disabled on my YouTube

Between 2011 and 2012, i had over 800.000 video views, and made over 700 USD through YouTube and Google Adsense. But at some point, they decided to disable the monetization of one of my channels without a way to defend myself. I still uploaded origami tutorials like nothing happened, but then i switched to another style of videos, to put myself in the foreground, instead of just my hands. Because if i don’t get paid, at least i want to be recognized as an hard working artist. FYI, in mid 2006, i applied for the art academy in Düsseldorf, but they rejected me.
I was verified as partner and i had no copyright or community guidelines strikes either. But their algorithms didn’t like me and i was just another YouTuber. I still had the channel, but i couldn’t make any money out of it. In some way, Google forced me to go one step further because of this. Now all i wanted was recognition through video views. My last hundred origami tutorials are influenced by this and i’m starring as main character. Something i would not have done otherwise. Since then, i gave up on YouTube and Google as a way to earn money, and use them only to host my videos for free.
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