My first digital graphic drawing tablet

In late 2006 i started to study geography at University of Bonn and i had to pick two subsidiary subjects. I chose geology and urban planning. At some point i had contact with “Computer Aided Design”, also known as CAD, and i decided to buy a digital graphic drawing tablet because of this. In early 2007 i got a Wacom Intuos 3 Tablet and i still use it today. It’s more natural and much faster than a regular mouse.

Shortly after i got my first computer in 1999 i stopped using traditional pointing devices anyway, because of the Logitech Marble Trackball, which is more precise and takes less space. At the moment i have three input devices on the table, a Wacom Intuos Tablet, a Cherry Strait Keyboard, and a Logitech T650 Touchpad. I’m left-handed and that’s why it’s arranged that way. I do not draw a lot on the computer anymore, but i still edit photos and create graphics sometimes.