Watching seven seasons of MacGyver

In the past couple of days, i binge-watched TV series "MacGyver", and it made me feel happy from start to end. The theme song makes me smile even more. As a child born in 1986, i watched MacGyver as much as possible, just like with "The A-Team", but i never got to watch all seven seasons. Later, when i was older, i rediscovered actor Richard Dean Anderson in "Stargate SG-1" and tried to watch all episodes too.
Back then, i only got to see the translated version for the German audience. But now i enjoyed the original version of MacGyver. They started with the TV series over three decades ago, but many themes are still quite contemporary. Things like roboter, artificial intelligence or speech recognition were already part of episodes. This puts MacGyver almost in the science fiction category, because they were ahead of their time.
When i was young, i wanted to be like secret agent "Angus MacGyver", because he finds non-violent solutions and solves problems by making things out of ordinary objects, like duct tape and a "Swiss Army" knife. I never got as smart as he is, but i don’t have screenwriters working for me either. He and "The A-Team" influenced my view on justice a lot and teached me how to get things done too. I would be a different person without their existence.
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