My relation to people in white coats

I wore between around 1993 till around 2002 dental braces, because my mother has a underbite. And to make it less likely to happen to me, my parents decided to put me through years of horror. Because they wanted just the best for me. Depending on the braces or retainers i got at that time, it was a pain to brush my teeth. This is why i don't know how to really smile, while others have done it their whole lives. And i developed quite late a brushing and flossing routine. Luckily, back then, the health insurance covered all costs.
At some point, in my first years of school between 1993 and 1996, i got eyeglasses, but i never got used to them, so i didn’t wear any till around 1998. Because my sight is not too bad, with my right eye at -1,00 and my left eye at -0,50. But eventually, i was at the eye doctor again, and she gave me a new eyeglass prescription. Since then, i wear them and they are part of my identity, just like Clark Kent, also known as Superman. At least, this is what i like to think. And the weight is not an issue anymore, because the frame is made from titanium by Titanflex Eschenbach.
I was a hypochondriac for some time, but i got it under control. I still don’t like to touch door handles, toilet flush buttons, public transport handholds, and i can’t accept food workers handling money and touching food without wearing gloves. This is why i avoid most food vendors, and make it myself, preferably with organic ingredients.
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