Why i'm tired of people

Usually, i like to write here about the rare good people in my life, because it makes me happy talking about them, like the neighbour in my childhood. But to give you a sense of the level of stress i have to live with on a regular basis, i let you know this: Since over a decade, my neighbours around me are "Medizintouristen", basically noisy tourists from the Middle East, living several weeks or months in my town to get their health fixed by German doctors. Just imagine overexcited monkeys escaped from the zoo paying some serious "oil money" to physicians and landlords in Bonn.
And to be fair, occasionally they literally throw a few cents out the window too, if a beggar gets their attention. The whole district is catering to them, and enabling a "parallel society" to grow. If i had the choice, i would be somewhere else, far away from this, because they live in their own time zone, and it is tiring: Some of them don't get started until the sun goes down. And these illiterate people don't know how to use their doorbell and ring ours to come inside.
Back then, when i was going to school, i had for several years annual passes to the Cologne Zoological Garden, just an hour away from Bad Godesberg. I enjoy seeing all these animals from a distance, but i would rather not like to live next to them. At least i’m here with my parents: I love them so much that i even wrote to "Santa Claus" in Himmelpfort and put their well-being on the top of my wish list. Maybe in some way they are monkeys too, but at least we speak the same language. And unlike these animals, my parents have to work really hard for their money.
FYI, in 2010, i had a "Bahncard 100" for one year, which allows unlimited travel on the entire public transport network across Germany. And i got me a annual pass for the Zoo in Berlin because of panda "Bao Bao", who died five years ago, in 2012, as one of the oldest male giant pandas in the world. Back then, i made many photos of him, while i sat on my Walkstool folding chair, with my white Canon lens resting on a Manfrotto monopod: After a long train ride, he made my day, everytime.
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