How i lost my chains

Over a decade ago, i had a lot going on on the internet and in real life. I was developing and running several large sites on the web, studying geography at the University of Bonn, writing my first "published" book, and doing many other things, like photojournalism or playing table tennis at DJK Blau-Weiß Friesdorf. I was pretty close to being an average person, except maybe the body weight. But then Dirk from Sömmerda sent me emails in 2007 and a letter from his lawyer in 2008 terrorizing and threatening me to sell him one of my domains for less than it is worth, because he had a registered trademark that was supposed to match the web address, but was just a watery "Bildmarke" with no stand in this case. He had already .de, .net, .at and .ch redirecting to his website, but he was hungry for my .com regardless.
I kept the domain, but i lost my chains, thanks to this troll. I became free by realizing that i'm different and not in any way like these greedy Germans. I wanted to leave this country, because Germany did nothing good for my parents and me. I didn't want to be a part of this "food chain" anymore. I am neither a shark nor a fish. Thanks to my relatives in Hong Kong, who helped me to get the necessary documents, i got the option to go and stay somewhere warm. This alone made me feel better by not being bound to this harsh cold place. Because there are still some nice people left on this planet. I wanted change. And i started with myself by reducing my footprint on the internet and in real life. There you have it, my burn out.
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