How Leo Laporte made me feel less alone

Over six years ago, i was one of the first users of "Google Plus", back then, when it got launched in mid 2011. While i was exploring this new upcoming social network, i discovered people like Lisa Bettany and the TWiT podcast network in my Google+ stream. I got sucked in because of the live video on twit.tv, which has let me be a part of something i didn’t know existed. Thanks to Leo Laporte and his friends i felt less alone at that time. From his studio in Petaluma, he talks about tech and things relating to it. And since this is part of modern life, it really means he covers a wide range of topics.
Leo Laporte showed me that there are others out here, who are into technology as much as i am, and that we are like each other in many ways. He is basically a "Swiss Army" knife, just like me, with a wide range of interests. We know a lot about different things, interdisciplinary, to drop a fancy word. Maybe not deep enough to be perfect at anything, but good enough to see the bigger picture and understand how all parts are connected. But he can do whatever he wants, unlike me, since i don't have that many resources. Because of this, Leo Laporte inspired me to keep doing what i enjoy, put myself out there, and see where it goes, despite existential threats.
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