Six years Prime student member

In April 2012, i signed up for Amazon Prime Student, because officially i was still a geography student at the University of Bonn. Back then, there was no video streaming available. But the fast and "free" shipping was already worth the discounted price. Later, in early 2014, they introduced Prime video in Germany including a limited selection of movies and shows, which made me keep being subscribed to it. But in the past months, i basically stopped shopping on Amazon, because of Aliexpress. Things are taking a lot longer to deliver, but the prices are hard to beat.
Now, in February 2018, Amazon sent a Email telling me they will upgrade me to "regular" Prime without discounts, which makes it all even less compelling, since i have already seen many of the contents in their video catalog. And in Mai 2016, i discovered BitTorrent "in the cloud", which opened a door to new options, next to Prime video. It's safer than a standard setup, where you run everything local, because the BitTorrent client here is not directly installed on the computer. In December 2015, i got to try Netflix too, which i had for one month as a free trial. FYI, my first order on Amazon was in October 2006, and i bought a Sony ICD-SX56 digital voice recorder for capturing audio at university.
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