Time travelling in early 2018

Last year, i used a similar title for a post on the blog, but on this occasion, i travelled back in time by cleaning up the living room with my parents. In late 2017, our landlord motivated us to do this, because to him it looks dangerous, having mountains of seemingly random things in a place, where normal people watch TV or play board games with friends. But we don't have much time for that, since we have to pay for rent, food, healthcare, public broadcasting, and everything else. Welcome to the bottom of this pyramid scheme.
The origin of most stuff in the living room is "life". I moved twice with my parents, and each time we kept most of our belongings, because everything is precious to us, since we are not smart, or rich. Nevertheless, we are not keeping highly combustible objects around. Back then, in 1992, we run our Restaurant in Ratingen for many years, where my father cooked in the kitchen with heavy "woks" over real fire, without anything bad happening.
But since our neighbours in Bad Godesberg might not be as thoughtful as we are, i do understand the danger of having too many things around. For example, the way they handle garbage bags or how they close apartment doors is a nightmare. And thanks to their habit to let the house door wide open, i got my MiniDisc recorder and my mountain bike stolen. This is why we now have a basically normal living room, just in case they start a campfire indoors, or some accident happens. After all, no one is perfect, except maybe Julia Roberts. By sorting through all the old stuff, i occasionally get surprised, because things are getting new perspectives to look at. It's like being in a history museum and wandering around in the past.
For example, i found a lot of "Colleen Colored Pencils" my aunts and uncle sent me from Hong Kong to Germany, over 20 years ago. I was probably anxious to use them, since they are really special to me. This is why i have several packages full of new stationeries waiting to meet a piece of paper. I already doodled a couple of "Stargates", inspired by the TV series, and uploaded them to YouTube. My mom also found my over 15 years old "Hohner Echo" harmonica again, and i made it a part of some videos.
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