In der Arche ist der Wurm drin

At the beginning of this year, we threw away many boxes full of VHS cassettes, with films and series we recorded via cable TV, mostly over two decades old. I was reminded of fun movies like "Men in Black" with Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith from 1997. But my mom pointed out "In der Arche ist der Wurm drin", a German cartoon by Wolfgang Urchs from 1988 i almost forgot, but still had somewhere in a corner of my memories. Now, weeks later, it was bothering me, not being able to remember the storyline. I had to search for it, without even to know the exact title, since it was only handwritten in Chinese on the label of the VHS.
But i found a copy on YouTube. Sadly, in a really bad quality. Still, better than nothing. Back then, i watched it as a child a couple of times, which introduced me to the story of "Noah's Ark" for the first time. Watching it after all these years, i realized how some things don't age well, but make you appreciate them anyway, because they influenced me somehow at sometime. The cartoon tried to communicate some "christian values" by spinning it to something more entertaining, which was not clear to me as a kid. In some way, this reminds me now of Johnny Five, and to download the movies "Short Circuit" (1986) and "Short Circuit 2" (1988) from my childhood, next time, when i get the chance.
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