Watching my second Royal Wedding

In April 2011, i experienced my first Royal Wedding live in front of the Buckingham Palace. I went to London for seven days to cover the week around the wedding of Prince William and Catherine. I shot thousands of photos and had a lot of fun while doing it. Back then, i stayed at the St Giles Hotel, because this was before i discovered places like the Imperial College for booking an accommodation in the capital.
Seven years later, in May 2018, i got to watch the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan via live stream on YouTube, without any comments, just raw from the official source. As you know, i’m quite into the United Kingdom, and because of this, i prepared my Tablet PC streaming the whole event for my parents too. Although there was no kiss on the balcony this time, the two hours were worth it.
After watching it in person from the outside, live with the British people, many years ago, and now, from every possible viewing point through all the camera lenses, i like to say that i’m happy being on planet Earth at this moment in time. There is nothing like this coming any time soon again. Well done, England.
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