Binge watching in mid 2018

As in the last two years, i got me a BitTorrent client "in the cloud" for a whole month again. During the past year, i collected movies and shows i want to watch, just like with a grocery list. Among them are titles that i have already seen some time ago, but i like to have them on my local drive anyway, since i rarely get the chance to have "full access". Especially after i cancelled my Amazon Prime subscription. Good things don't have to be new, and vice versa:I also loaded the latest seasons of all shows i follow. Among them are old titles from my childhood: "Roseanne", "The Simpsons", and "The X-Files". After having fast-forwarded some more recent TV series i wanted to like, i realized there is a lot of trash being released people seem to enjoy. They tell similar stories, just with fancier equipment each time. This is why i almost didn't get any new shows into my current watchlist. Thank you to Martin Noras for recommending "The Expanse" and many other titles to me in the past years:
12 Monkeys, Agents of Shield, Colony, Dark Matter, Doctor Who, Elementary, Game of Thrones, Gotham, Homeland, Jessica Jones, Killing Eve, Lost in Space, Orange Is the New Black, Outlander, Roseanne, Star Trek Discovery, Supergirl, The 100, The Crossing, The Expanse, The Simpsons, The Strain, The X-Files, Time After Time, Timeless, and Westworld.
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