The neighbours are clogging our pipe

Yesterday, the basement of the house got flooded. And the landlord thinks that we did it, which is wrong. These rich tourists from the "Middle East" are more likely the reason for that, since they really don't care. Because they can buy "human resources" to make the problems go away, with more or less success: Good workforce is rare, especially in a less developed country with no work ethic. Money bubbles out of the ground in their countries, enabling them to make bad decisions, without the need to learn anything. And they spread their behavior to Bad Godesberg, a place that is like a paradise for these people, and things get messy.
Apparently, they have overloaded our "sewage pipe" with so much stuff that it broke. Because the toilet is not a trash bin. And they have no idea how to handle garbage bags, and are leaking waste all over the place. At least they are efficient in reproduction. I know, "sanitation" is a relatively new technology for humanity in general, and you can not blame me for that. Unlike these sneaky Germans here, i'm not in the business of sheep farming.
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