A handful of games i remember

I was never a "gamer", but i liked playing particular titles. I started to get my hands on Tetris, because my Mom was great at it, around 1992. Sometime later, i was racing cars on the "Game Boy", since i was not into Mario and Luigi that much. I almost did get every new model, mostly just changes in size or color of the handheld console. My last one was a Game Boy "Color" in blue. Later, i had some fun with the Nintendo DS series too. I got my first PC games from CD's on printed computer magazines, starting at 1998. Back then, games were quite expensive, since they needed to be pressed on physical media, packaged in glossy boxes, and put on shelves.
This is why i focused on titles like Tomb Raider, SimCity, RollerCoaster Tycoon, and Half-Life with Counter Strike. I also loved racing and flight simulations. I had a Force Feedback Joystick and a Precision Racing Wheel with Pedals by Microsoft Sidewinder. I stopped playing for some time, because i tried to be an adult, and probably failed. For example, i discovered the Dolphin Emulator to play "Mario Kart" on a larger screen. In February 2016, i bought on GOG a DRM-free copy of Pro Pinball Timeshock, and some weeks ago, even Pro Pinball Fantastic Journey. Both titles are around two decades old, but still fun, especially with "AntiMicro" and a USB gamepad.
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