Ngai Chun Cheung
Hi, I'm Ngai Chun Cheung.
English is not my first language, but i'm getting better at it. I was born in Germany, 1986. My parents are working class, and i tried a different take on it. The internet feels like a safe and well-known space to me, because i'm here since two decades. I have built since 1998 a lot of things in the web, and outside of it, in combination and separate. It made me learn to design all kind of stuff, to code in different languages, to run projects, to photograph, to make videos and much more.
For example, in 2003, i have put karaoke software with MIDI files together and sold it on self-burned CDs. One year later, in 2004, i even sold self-made display protection foils for iPAQ and Palm devices. With the money i earned through eBay, i rented more sophisticated webspace and kick-started my projects, which were financed by advertising later, to a point where i got my first dedicated server.
Just never enough. Because at some point, i burned out, created a great wall around me, and tried to rescue myself. I cut off all connections to people, except my parents. This is the period where i was since 2006 for eight years geography student at the University of Bonn. I was in a really depressive time, but then i have gone steps back, doing real life things, like origami. To get a little more distance from the bubble. Because the worst place i have ever been was in my own head.
In October 2013, i started to fold my trail of thousand origami cranes in Paris, and after four years, in April 2018, i folded over 9000 origami cranes, in cities like Amsterdam, Brussels, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Bonn, London, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Utrecht, The Hague, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Edinburgh, Dublin, Lisbon, and Barcelona. Things are not always easy, they don’t always make sense, it takes effort, try and error, and failing. I don't expect life to be fair, and that's all i can do.
Overview:See some of my videos on YouTube here
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