She made me start blogging again

Back then, when i was doing more stuff on the internet, i had a blog in German. But eventually, i took everything away that didn’t make me happy. There was too much content accumulated from many years. Some things i wrote because i just wanted to write something. There was bad and good mixed together. I already wrote two books in my life and made it available through self publishing: "Skizzen auf Toilettenpapier" in 2008, and one year later "Das Prinzip der Hoffnung" in 2009. Don’t search for it, you can’t buy them anymore. At some point, i divided the content into blog posts for everyone free to read. You can imagine the mess.
This blog started fresh in late April 2017 because of my crush on Jessica Clements. Some posts are backdated to make it less empty. I have a couple of internet domains unused since i stopped throwing projects against the web to see what sticks. I got motivated to do it again, because i wanted to know some of her thoughts, but Jessica Clements doesn’t share them. There are good reasons for not doing it, but you don’t have to put everything out there too. Just enough to show you are real. Without this blog i would be a blank canvas, especially for people who don’t watch a lot of videos, since i removed almost everything else. I do care about it, because you are reading this.
Jessica Clements is not doing it, probably because she thinks that there is no money in blogging. YouTube makes it easy for her to fill the wallet in comparison. As a model, she is more skilled in presenting herself visually rather than literally. Jessica Clements talks about "fashion blogger style" and wears the matching clothes in her videos, but then it stops without a corresponding blog to make it complete. For me it’s just another way to have fun. And with a larger footprint i can cut through the noise again.
My first homepage in 1998 did have a news section. But the revolution came with the RSS standard. It made blogs convenient to consume by getting new posts of all your favorite bloggers through a single RSS Feed Reader. This saved time and helped democratizing journalism. From mid 2004 to early 2010, i even had a blog hosting service, called "Blogy", built with Perl code completely written by myself.

Binge watching in early 2017

Back then, in 2005, when TV series "LOST" started to be aired the first time in Germany, i liked it, but i lost interest along the way, because first, it took them a couple of years to produce all six seasons, and second, the commercial breaks are not helping. The original version in english is much better anyway. Now that on demand is possible via video streaming, it is the second time i gave LOST a full run. The first time i binge-watched i skipped boring parts, but this time i saw it basically from start to end, because i just wanted it to be done, and it was worth it.
Another TV series i binge-watched was "Stargate Atlantis". I loved "Stargate SG-1", because as a child born in October 1986, i watched actor Richard Dean Anderson in "MacGyver" on German TV a lot, and he did a good job again, as main character Jack O'Neill. But Atlantis is without the cast of SG-1, so it took me some time to like it. "Stargate Universe" is another series of the franchise, which i liked much more, because it's everything i wanted it to be, but sadly made it only to two seasons, till it got cancelled in late 2010.

Recycled unbleached paper

Over a week ago, i bought A4 sized 80 g/qm paper in a pack of 500. The special thing is that they are not white, because they are not bleached. This will make my origami cranes less bright and give them more depth, when captured in difficult light situations. The paper is not grey either. There is an yellow tone in white. A bright cream color to be exact. I like it a lot. And these are the specs of the recycled paper by manufacturer Xerox in the German language: "Bleichverfahren: ungebleicht, Weißegrad: 70% ± 2.5 D65/10, Opazität: 95 %, Dicke: 102 µm +/-6, Fasertyp: Recycled"
FYI, the information density is quite high in some of my blog posts. And if your English is not good, Google Translate isn't going to help, especially not with technical terms. I stopped publishing in German a while ago, because it's just a barrier on the internet. I may not come across like that, but i want to make friends: At the age of 10, i wrote on a piece of paper, dating back to April 1997, which i found during a cleanup in the living room, that i like "to take beautiful photos, have fun and friends to play with". Browsing through old stuff is like going back in time for a moment.

Crush on Jessica Clements

In late 2016, i surfed on YouTube through channels, and found this lady named Jessica Clements. I liked to watch her talking. She seems to be attractive and nice, almost funny. I do not care about the makeup chat. But the thing that got me hooked was her birds, it made me watch all videos, because of her voice. Hashtag Rabbit Hole.
In early 2017, i started an instagram account dedicated to edit her photos, to add a twist to them, as an outlet. Because she is out of my league. I still wanted to do more with her, and this was the way i went. I'm 3 decades old, shot over 100.000 photos, over 10.000 videos in my life, and probably just tired of my own photos and videos at the moment.
I even took more care of myself, by doing things like sit ups and crunches, to get me in a better shape. Thank you to Jessica Clements, for the motivation, although she has only contributed passively through her existence alone. Hashtag Girlfriend Goals.
Remotely related, in 2009, my weight was 110 kg, and after less than one year, i got it down to around 65 kg, with a body height of 175 cm. I have never gone back up in weight, because i changed how i eat and i'm happy about it ever since.
Before 2009, my relationship with eating was not healthy. I had mood swings and tried to compensate them with junk food or fast food, which made it even worse. But at some point, i realized i need to change everything, or i will die because of this. Since then, i learned a lot to put my life back on track, and keep it that way.

Binge watching in mid 2016

As a child born in 1986, i watched TV series "The A-Team" quite frequently, but never got to watch all five seasons. In early 2016, i picked up a BitTorrent client for a month and downloaded my favorites from the past. I already had some of them in my archive, like Simpsons or Futurama. But i still wanted to have "Stargate SG-1", "Married... with Children", "Hogan's Heroes" and The A-Team.
The final episode aired 30 years ago, it is really old, but i have a sentimental connection with the series, it gave me the urge for justice. I watched the last episodes of The A-Team in a hotel room, while i was in Helsinki to fold origami cranes, and i'm satisfied with it.
I grew up with "The Simpsons" and probably watched all episodes, back then, when i had a dedicated TV. Now it's not the case anymore, since i wait till the season is over, and have the opportunity to get it all in one step on my hard drive. I never got to watch the newest episodes anyway, because they needed to be translated for the German audience, which takes a while. But now i enjoy the original version.
Another TV series i binge-watched was "Married… with Children", which is quite similar with The Simpsons. Both are showing parents with some kids, where life was not always nice to them, but they can make it through in some way, because it was their passion, which is one of the reasons i like them so much.
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