Binge watching in mid 2016

As a child born in 1986, i watched TV series "The A-Team" quite frequently, but never got to watch all five seasons. In early 2016, i picked up a BitTorrent client for a month and downloaded my favorites from the past. I already had some of them in my archive, like Simpsons or Futurama. But i still wanted to have "Stargate SG-1", "Married... with Children", "Hogan's Heroes" and The A-Team.
The final episode aired 30 years ago, it is really old, but i have a sentimental connection with the series, it gave me the urge for justice. I watched the last episodes of The A-Team in a hotel room, while i was in Helsinki to fold origami cranes, and i'm satisfied with it.
I grew up with "The Simpsons" and probably watched all episodes, back then, when i had a dedicated TV. Now it's not the case anymore, since i wait till the season is over, and have the opportunity to get it all in one step on my hard drive. I never got to watch the newest episodes anyway, because they needed to be translated for the German audience, which takes a while. But now i enjoy the original version.
Another TV series i binge-watched was "Married… with Children", which is quite similar with The Simpsons. Both are showing parents with some kids, where life was not always nice to them, but they can make it through in some way, because it was their passion, which is one of the reasons i like them so much.

My parents are on YouTube

I made a YouTube channel named "Cantonese Craft" where my mother is showing some of her cooking and sewing skills. She does the voice-over in her first language Hong Kong-Chinese, also known as Cantonese. I'm doing the whole video recording and editing thing, because my parents are not deep into tech. My father is always tired after work, but i might get him sometimes on the channel. I'm just trying to develop another revenue stream for them, so that they do not have to perform physically demanding work anymore. My mother does cleaning in a large hotel on the Rhine, at the kindergarten and some smaller places, while my father is employed in shift work with "polymer processing" in Bonn. My parents were never unemployed for very long. This is why they never had the opportunity to learn German properly, even after all these decades.
You can imagine how it influenced my life. It was like living in two distant countries at the same time. I had to learn different cultures, languages and many other things without any help since the beginning. I was constantly lost and wondering why. But after writing two books, my German got good enough to allow me to draw pictures no one else other than me would understand. And since most people think reading equals understanding, this would lead to nowhere: Just a waste of time. I learned programming by myself, long before my English was enough for anything useful. This is why i’m using the language here more like in a piece of Perl code, straight, but still playfully: Maybe like Lego bricks. My Cantonese is really bad in comparison. And i better not mention Spanish from my school days. At some point in between, i wanted to learn French, and later Italian, but there is nothing left, except for the yellow textbooks by Langenscheidt.
My parents have met the first time in West Germany, 1976. Both came here separately from the British colony Hong Kong to work hard. Back then, the German currency "Deutsche Mark" was quite strong, compared with the Hong Kong dollar. At the age of 19 and 22, they have found each other through mutual connections, and ten years later, i was born in 1986, in a city that is now no longer the capital of Germany. My first years weren't that bad. Father made enough money as waiter in a chinese restaurant, with a lot of people working for governments as customers, while mother was there for me in my early stage. Even grandma came for a couple of months from Hong Kong to Bad Godesberg. But then they decided to run their own restaurant in Ratingen and things changed.

Why my trail of origami cranes started in Paris

Back then, in early 2013, i started to visit London and Paris, because i wanted to cover street style photography during Fashion Week. I have some female fashion bloggers in my RSS Feed Reader since a long time and thought, i need to see them in real life. Maybe i hoped to see more than just beautiful people, and not that many clowns.
But soon i realized, this is not what i want anymore. I had to let them go, because they were not real, just illusions. My last time as "indie" photojournalist covering Fashion Week was in Paris early 2014. In late 2013, i have already prepared myself to fold origami cranes before and after the fashion show events of brands like Chanel and Valentino, just to fill the gaps, when nothing is happening.
I researched places where i can sit down to fold a origami crane and documented everything with two cameras for two point of views, to be later combined into a video. Because the only truth is right here and right now. I kept doing it, made a lot of them along my way, and this is why the trail of thousand origami cranes began in Paris.

Thousand Origami Cranes

I recommend watching my videos not under 1080p resolution, which requires enough bandwidth and the appropriate settings. You can see me folding all origami cranes in high speed combined, or one by one in real time separate. Since there is no background music, you are free to hear whatever you want.

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