Why my trail of origami cranes started in Paris

Back then, in early 2013, i started to visit London and Paris, because i wanted to cover street style photography during Fashion Week. I have some female fashion bloggers in my RSS Feed Reader since a long time and thought, i need to see them in real life. Maybe i hoped to see more than just beautiful people, and not that many clowns.
But soon i realized, this is not what i want anymore. I had to let them go, because they were not real, just illusions. My last time as "indie" photojournalist covering Fashion Week was in Paris early 2014. In late 2013, i have already prepared myself to fold origami cranes before and after the fashion show events of brands like Chanel and Valentino, just to fill the gaps, when nothing is happening.
I researched places where i can sit down to fold a origami crane and documented everything with two cameras for two point of views, to be later combined into a video. Because the only truth is right here and right now. I kept doing it, made a lot of them along my way, and this is why the trail of thousand origami cranes began in Paris.

Thousand Origami Cranes

I recommend watching my videos not under 1080p resolution, which requires enough bandwidth and the appropriate settings. You can see me folding all origami cranes in high speed combined, or one by one in real time separate. Since there is no background music, you are free to hear whatever you want.

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